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Geotechnical Engineering is at the foundation of every structure and project.

What do we do?

We evaluate stability of natural slopes and man-made soil deposits; assess risks posed by site conditions. We understand soil mechanics and rock mechanics, and many of the aspects of geology, geophysics, hydrology, and other related sciences.

We mitigate the risk of damage caused by natural hazards such as:

  • avalanches
  • mud flows
  • landslides
  • rockslides
  • sinkholes
  • even volcanic eruptions.

Part of our job is to predict the performance of earthen structures such as dams; the design and performance prediction of the foundations of bridges, buildings, and other man-made structures in terms of the underlying soil and/or rock; and flood control and prediction.

Slope Stability

Foundation Design

Rock Engineering

Civil Engineering

Project Management


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